Cardiac CT Scans (Coronary)

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Calcium score and CTCA – which test when?
By Lawrence Dembo, Cardiologist

CT cardiac angio

What are Cardiac CT Scans (or Coronary CT Scans)?

CT Coronary Angiogram (CTCA) or Cardiac CT Scan is a non-invasive scan that uses CT technology to image a beating heart. The heart is scanned after a small injection of X-ray dye to identify any ‘soft’ plaque (cholesterol) in the arteries that have not yet turned into calcium. The scan provides images of the coronary vessels and arteries of the beating heart as a diagnostic tool. A CTCA is probably the best way to detect early signs of coronary atherosclerosis (the disease which causes heart attacks by forming cholesterol plaques in the walls of the artery).

Envision’s Cardiac CT Scan Equipment

At Envision we have Perth’s only dual source 64-slice CT scanner. Dual source means we have “double the temporal resolution” or “half the blur”, which allows us to get the best possible images. Our scanner protocols are designed to generate clear images at the lowest possible radiation dose.

CT Cardiac (Coronary) scans

What types of CT Cardiac (Coronary) scans does Envision Offer?

The types of CT Cardiac (Coronary) scans offered at Envision are:

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