About Your Appointment


What to Bring

You will need to bring the following with you to your appointment:

  • Referral (please email bookings@envisionmi.com.au your referral form to us prior to your appointment to be checked and an accurate quote provided to you)
  • Medicare card
  • Previous films
  • If asthmatic or diabetic please bring your medication to your appointment

You can save time by completing the Envision Patient Details form and bringing it along with you to your appointment.

So your examination can be completed quickly, please have your method of payment including your Medicare card with you when you arrive for an appointment. If your examination relates to a Workcover claim, please have the claim number and any relevant details at hand.


What you must tell us

The following information must be provided by you to our staff before your examination.

Before your examination you must inform our staff if:

  • You suspect or know that you may be pregnant.
  • You have ever experienced a severe reaction to a previous injection of contrast media.
  • You are allergic to any prescribed medication.
  • You suffer from hay fever, are asthmatic or have kidney disease.
  • You are a diabetic.
  • Any information you believe may be relevant to your test


Payments and Billing

Envision has a private billing practice and you are expected to pay on the day. For more information, please refer to our billing policy here.


Getting your results

Our radiologists and medical imaging technologists (radiographers) are happy to answer questions about your medical imaging procedure. Our radiologists will report to the doctor who ordered your study.  In turn, your doctor will pass these results on to you.

The results of your scan will be sent to your referring practitioners and be available to them through Envision Online – our image and report delivery service.

If you require a copy of your report, please email reports@envisionmi.com.au with the following information:

  • Full name
  • Date of Birth
  • Scan type
  • Date of scan

Medical reports will only be released to you (or your guardian) with written permission supplied at the time of the appointment or via email as above.