World No Tobacco Day: Low Dose CT Matters

May 5, 2017

On World No Tobacco Day, it’s great to get some good news about lung disease, and Envision Medical Imaging is the team delivering it.

We feel it’s the perfect time to tell you that way before a cough or pain develops, early detection of lung disease is achieved more regularly now thanks to low dose CT scans.

In fact, Envision Medical Imaging, located in the Perth suburb of Wembley, has recently been recognised as a global leader in low dose imaging in their use of the technology.

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death in Australia, with approximately twelve thousand new cases diagnosed annually. It kills more people than other prominent forms of the disease such as breast, prostate and bowel cancers.

The Cancer Council says that by quitting smoking, the body starts to repair itself within 6 hours of the last cigarette. Then of course there’s the reduced risk of harming those around you with second-hand smoke.

Whatever an individual’s situation, Dr Brendan Adler, Senior Radiologist and CEO of Envision Medical Imaging, is determined to help get the survival rate above the current 15% by using low dose CT scanning.

Smoking cessation is the most effective intervention in preventing lung cancer. Chest x-rays do not usually detect small, curable cancers, now newer technology CT is the most effective test in detecting cancer early when it does occur.

The great advantage is that this low dose CT can be performed at radiation doses comparable to a conventional chest x-ray. Envision’s CT scanner can complete a study in less than 1 second at an equivalent dose much at a much higher quality.

Dr Adler explains, “In the first 12 months following implementing this new technology, we detected a significant number of lung cancers at a much earlier stage, yet low level of radiation dose, compared to traditional methods. These patients would not normally be identified until much later when symptoms such as a cough or pain developed. This technology truly has the potential to save people’s lives.”

So which person are you? You’ve quit smoking? You still smoke? You live with a smoker?

Whatever your connection to tobacco, you can now get clearer lung scans earlier thanks to an Envision Medical Imaging low dose CT scan. It’s straightforward and painless.

Plus, you’re in the hands of a team led by Dr Adler who has studied in Canada, France and has been practicing radiology since 1985.

We welcome your inquiry at our Wembley clinic with the guarantee that your health is our number one concern. Contact us today.