Sports Article Published by Dr Eamon Koh

April 28, 2020

Dr Eamon Koh recently co-authored an article in Clinical Radiology entitled, “Pubic apophysitis in elite Australian Rules football players: MRI findings and the utility of VIBE sequences in evaluating athletes with groin pain.”


Groin pain is a common problem in young athletes who participate in kicking and “cutting” sports such as
Australian Rules League (AFL) football and soccer. Potential causes include adductor tendon, pubic symphysis, and inguinal and iliopsoas related pathologies, as described in the Doha agreement of 2015.

Pubic apophysitis associated with delayed maturation of the pubic apophyses is common in AFL players and is potentially a significant cause of groin pain in these athletes. Imaging findings in this group are the same as those conventionally describing osteitis pubis. Pubic apophysitis is best visualised with VIBE magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and may be a more pathologically correct description of early, adductor load-related pubic bone pathology.


Download the article as a pdf (1Mb)