What is an MRI Head scan?

MRI Head scan

An MRI Head uses an MRI Scanner to produce detailed images of your brain, brain stem or facial structures. This scan is also known as a brain MRI or a cranial MRI.

Targeted scans will be performed to best diagnose a cause for your particular symptoms. They are used to assess the risk of tumours and strokes, while allowing diagnosis of a range of issues affecting the brain, upper spine and ears.

MRI Head scan

What happens during your MRI Head scan?

A. Before your scan

Implanted Devices


What to bring

  • Your request form
  • Any relevant previous imaging
  • Your Medicare card and any concession cards

Preparation – On the day of the scan

You will be asked to fill out a MRI Safety Check list to confirm you do not have any contraindicated items or implants in/on your body. The MRI Technologist will ensure that no potentially unsafe items enter the scan room.

B. During your MRI Head scan


Most MRI scans take 15-30 minutes per region. To enable clear diagnostic scans, it is necessary to relax and lie very still for the duration of the examination, which is separated into scans that run for 2-5 minutes. The MRI Technologist will communicate to you between these scans. The MRI will make various loud tapping or buzzing noises during these scans and you may experience some minor heating / warmth in the area being examined. You will be provided with earphones and / or ear plugs to significantly dull these noises.

If you suffer from claustrophobia, we can make a genuine difference to you tolerating the scan. Our team of caring MRI Techs will put you at ease, even if you are anxious or have had a bad MRI experience in the past. Countless patients have experienced the positive difference we provide. We encourage you to come and see our scanners and speak with one of our MRI techs prior to coming for your appointment to help allay any anxiety regarding your scan.

Risks and side effects

An MRI Scan is a very low-risk procedure. There are no known adverse health risks associated with the magnetic field or the radio waves used by the machine. Patients with certain contra-indicated devices may not be able to have an MRI scan.

Who will perform my scan?

Our caring team of experienced MRI Technologists will help put you at ease and ensure you have the most comfortable experience possible, whilst specifically catering the scan protocol to best suit your clinical condition.

MRI Head scan

What happens after your MRI Head scan?

How do I get my results?

After completion of your MRI scan, the images are viewed and interpreted by our experienced specialist MRI Radiologists. The images and report are made available to your referrer (or other nominated doctor / allied health professional) via our secure online portal or PACS (Picture Archive Communication System).  It is best to allow two working days to ensure your report is completed before seeing your referrer again.

Post procedural information

You will be able to return to your normal daily activities after your scan.

You should encounter no ill effects from your MRI and will be able to go about your regular daily activities after your scan.

You should encounter no ill effects from your MRI and will be able to go about your regular daily activities after your scan.

MRI Head scan

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