What is a CT Chest Scan?

What is a CT Chest Scan

A CT Chest Scan uses Computed Tomography to product images of the chest, particularly the lungs.

CT Chest scans create highly detailed images of your chest that allow us to provide a clear and accurate diagnosis to your doctor.

Envision is the only private practice with the new state of the art Siemens CT Somatom Force. Force mode scanning completes a study in less than a second, at even lower dose, providing better image quality. We topped the world chart in the Siemens Somatron Force CT results, recording the lowest dose yet producing the highest image quality without compromise. Our expertise lies in our high-quality interpretation by specialist radiologists.

CT Chest

What types of CT Chest Scans does Envision Offer?

The types of CT Chest scan offered at Envision are:

All scans are highly targeted to the specific clinical indications. Find out more about these scans on their individual pages.