Why you have been referred to Envision

Specialists in Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology

Not all radiology practices are the same when it comes to X-rays of your teeth, jaws and face.

The focus at Envision is much more than providing high quality X-ray pictures.  We provide internationally recognized dental, oral and maxillofacial radiological support to your doctor in making the most accurate diagnosis possible.  This is achieved while minimizing the amount of radiation you may receive.

Internationally recognized radiological opinion

Your X-rays are reviewed by highly respected specialist Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologists.  This discipline is a highly specialized subset of radiology and dentistry, not generally available in most radiology practices in Australasia.

Ultra low radiation dose levels for every patient, every time

While many radiology practices are digital, all Envision OPG machines use direct capture sensor technology which are capable of producing some of the lowest radiation doses possible.  Every scan is also performed on up-to-date equipment and is individually prescribed so that optimal images are produced at the absolute lowest radiation dose levels.

Liasing personally with your doctor for optimal diagnosis

Having been practicing clinicians, both our Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologists have genuine personal interest in working closely with your doctor to ensure an optimal diagnosis.

Instant access to X-rays for your doctor

Within seconds of your OPG being obtained at Envision, a high resolution image will be available online for your doctor to view.

Looking after you

We are focused on making your visit as comfortable and as efficient as possible.  We recognize that these visits can be stressful.  Our radiologists, administrative and nursing staff, medical imaging technicians and assistants are dedicated to caring for you.

Much of the effort in optimizing your results occurs after your appointment.  Our imaging specialists and their technical teams are meticulous in ensuring that your X-ray or scan is processed accurately and interpreted thoroughly.