Low Dose Multislice CT Teeth, Jaws and Face

Multislice CT scans allow 3D visualisation of your teeth, jaws and face. At Envision we are the only private practice with the new state of the art Siemens CT Definition Flash machine, which produces the clearest picture at the lowest radiation dose.   In addition, the protocols are personally prescribed by our radiologists to ensure extremely low levels of radiation, while maintaining optimal image quality. The low radiation that you receive from our multi-slice CT scans is comparable to many common dental X‐ray series.

No preparation is required. You will be made comfortable on the examination table which will slide into the CT machine. The scan itself is completed in a matter of seconds.

Rarely, some examinations require an injection of X‐ray dye (contrast) during the scan and this will be injected into a vein via a cannula (a thin plastic tube, similar to a flexible needle) in your arm ‐ the scan is then performed while the dye is passing through your blood vessels. You may feel flushed during this injection. At the end of the procedure the cannula will be withdrawn carefully from the vein and a bandaid applied. The dye will be flushed naturally by your body over the following 24 hours without you noticing it. You are free to eat and drink normally; we recommend you continue to drink plenty of fluids to assist your body in flushing the contrast. You will be able to return to your normal daily activities after your scan.

It takes approximately 5 minutes to check the scan before you leave. The vast majority of the effort involved in processing, reformatting, and interpreting your scan data is carried out after your appointment with us.

The data we gather from your scan is used to create images which will assist in your diagnosis and/or treatment. Many of these images will be printed for your referrer. In addition, the full dataset will be provided to your referrer on CD.

The created images are reviewed by our Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologists, Clinical Associate Professor Bernard Koong and Dr Tom Huang.

For non‐urgent cases we ask that you allow 2‐4 working days for the results. However, urgent cases can be expedited and our radiologists are also able to discuss the results with your doctor over the phone soon after the scan. Your doctor can also view the images and reports online.