What is a Cone Beam?


Cone beam CT is a scan which allows 3D visualisation of the teeth, jaws and face and is one of the more recent developments in dental imaging. It provides clinicians with much more information about these structures to facilitate optimal diagnosis and treatment/surgical planning.

Envision has two of the leading cone beam CT scanners; the iCAT and Sirona Gallileos which are available at both our Wembley and Booragoon rooms. We are also home to the only i-Cat Cone Beam scanner south of the river. Both these machines are capable of ultra low doses imaging, comparable to doses delivered in many common dental X-ray series. Not all cone beam CT machines deliver ultra low doses. In addition, all scans at Envision are individual prescribed by our oral and maxillofacial radiologists, who are in residence. This means that you will receive the minimum radiation dose while we obtain the optimal diagnostic information.

No preparation is required. The Cone Beam CT rotates once around your head. All you are required to do is remain still for the duration of the scan. The vast majority of the effort involved in processing, reformatting and interpreting your scan data is carried out after your appointment by Envision’s medical imaging team, here in Perth. The data we gather from your scan is used to create images which will assist in your diagnosis and/or treatment. Some of these images will be printed for your referrer. In addition the full dataset will be provided on CD and is also available to your doctor via secure online means.

For non-urgent cases we ask that you allow 2-4 working days for the results. However, urgent cases can be expedited. For extremely urgent cases, our radiologists are also able to discuss the results with your doctor over the phone soon after the scan. Please let us know if this is the case.

Envision is the only practice with dental board registered Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologists in residence. All dental imaging, including cone beam CT scans, are reviewed by our Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologists, A/Prof Bernard Koong and Dr Tom Huang. They are always available to your doctor to discuss your particular radiological needs and results which can be critical in your management. Envision is a fully comprehensive radiology practice. While cone beam CT is an invaluable technique, there may be other modalities such as multislice CT, MRI or ultrasound, which may be more suitable for your particular case. It is therefore critical that both Bernard Koong and Tom Huang are available to your doctor to ensure that the optimal test is performed for you. Please feel free to refer to their summary biographies.

We are specialists in dental imaging and are confident that we provide world class services in dental, oral and maxillofacial imaging. We take pride in treating every patient with great care and assure you that you’ll receive much more than a picture. For enquiries and bookings please give us a call on 6382 3888.