CT – Global lowest CT dose

Global lowest CT dose map

Envision topped the world chart in the Siemens Somatron Force CT results, recording the lowest dose yet producing the highest image quality without compromise.

Global lowest CT dose graph

What is a Computed Tomography (CT) Scan?


A Computed Tomography (CT) scan combines special X‐ray equipment with powerful computers to produce multiple cross-sectional images of the inside of your body.

CT images are very high resolution and allow us to provide a clear and accurate diagnosis to your doctor. CT has many uses including detailed investigation of the lungs, body organs, and glands, and can also be used to guide injections.

A CT examination generates up to 2000 images per scan. Our doctors carefully review those images and often reconstruct 3D images to aid in the report.

Envision is the only private practice with the new state of the art Siemens CT Somatom Force.  Force mode scanning completes a study in less than a second, at even lower dose, providing better image quality.  What remains the same is the high quality interpretation by specialists who are experts in their field.

What happens during my CT Scan?


When making your booking for a CT scan you may be asked to fast for a short period of time, or to arrive early so a special drink can be given to you prior to your images being taken. If there is any chance you may be pregnant, please inform us before your scan.

CT Patient 2

Some scans require you to fill out a questionnaire regarding your health status, medication, and any known allergies. You may also be asked to change into a gown and remove some jewellery for your scan. Most CT scans only take 10‐15 minutes to perform, although the scan itself lasts less than a minute or two.

When you are transferred to the CT room you will be made comfortable on the examination table. The examination table slides you into the centre of the CT machine and some preliminary pictures are taken to confirm the scan position.

Some examinations require an injection of X‐ray dye (contrast) during the scan and this will be injected into a vein via a cannula (a thin plastic tube, similar to a flexible needle) in your arm ‐ the scan is then performed while the dye is passing through your blood vessels. You may feel flushed during this injection.

What happens after my Scan?

At the end of the procedure the cannula will be withdrawn carefully from the vein and a bandaid applied. The dye will be flushed naturally by your body over the following 24 hours without you noticing it. You are free to eat and drink normally; we recommend you continue to drink plenty of fluids to assist your body in flushing the contrast. You will be able to return to your normal daily activities after your scan.

Benefits of CT scans

CT scans: What are they? How are they performed?

A Computed Tomography(or CT scan) combines specialised x-ray equipment with powerful computers to produce high resolution, cross-sectional images of your body. These high-quality images then assist doctors in determining an accurate diagnosis.

Up to 2000 images are produced per scanand these are compiled to construct 3D images for medical reports. Here at Envision Medical Imaging, we produce some of the highest quality CT scans in Perth thanks to our new state-of-the-art Siemens CT Somatom Force scanner. We’re the only private practice in Perth to employ this technology, producing scan images in less than a second to ensure better-quality images than other scanning machines.

Envision’sSomatom Force CT scanner also allows for a radiation dose reduction of up to 50% less than today’s leading CT systems. In combination with its outstanding spatial resolution, unprecedented soft-tissue contrast and unmatched speed, this can help improve the early detection of small tumours, e.g. in the lung

CT scans are pain-free, with the entire process lasting about 15 minutes and the scan itself taking less than 60 seconds.


Here are some of the many benefits of CT scans here at Envision Medical Imaging:

  • Swift procedure

The whole procedure is fast, safe and pain free for patients. Patients are scanned efficiently and the referring doctor is able to access results almost immediately.

  • Highly detailed

Our CT scans produce high-resolution and highly detailed images, detecting abnormalities which may not appear in other scans. This is crucial when determining whether a patient requires surgery, and reduces the need for exploratory surgery, not to mention playing an essential role in the diagnosis and treatment of certain cancers.

  • Precise results

The highly-detailed images mean precise and accurate results, ensuring you receive the best possible treatment plan for your diagnosis, particularly in the treatment of tumours and cancers.

To summarise, our premium CT scans combine rapid image capture, the ability to accurately scan targeted parts of the body, and provide clear and precise diagnosis. This service is done by highly trained radiographers and radiologists, providing personalised patient care

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