Image & Report Delivery for Referrers 

Welcome to Envision Online If you are viewing for the first time please click on the ‘First time user’, in the online viewing login area. Fill in the form, click submit and we will send you a username & and first time password to login giving you access to view your patients’ images and reports online. Allow 24 hours for processing or please call us if you require sooner.

To continue our GO GREEN philosophy if you do not need film, your imaging preferences will default to NO FILM and we will plant a tree for each referrer who is 100% NO FILM! Please note – you can continue to receive films – please just let us know!

For referrers who require more functionality for image manipulation, you may wish to use Inteleviewer. If you already have Inteleviewer installed on your computer click here and follow the steps to add Inteleviewer bookmark to your login page.

For new users of Inteleviewer, please watch the video below, or click here to download instructions. For viewers of the current Envision Inteleconnect you already have access to Envision Online and can login immediately.

This is good news for referrers and patients who no longer need to store their x-ray films or CD’s!

Envision is committed to offsetting our carbon footprint and provide all health practitioners with online access to their patients’ images.

If a patient is consulting multiple practitioners, these images can also be made available to additional practitioners online free of charge. If a patient requests a copy of the images for their own record, a fee of $66 inc GST for FILM or $33 inc GST for CD/USB (plus postage if required) is payable on collection of the images.


Mac Users

Windows Users

How to install Inteleviewer on Windows.


Online Access for GP / Dentist / Specialist / Allied Health

Note: If you specifically require film, the can be requested on a case-by-case basis. front_noco2Another carbon reduction initiative working towards a cleaner environment.