NoCO2 Certification

about_carbonEnvision Medical Imaging is a new, innovative medical imaging practice dedicated to providing excellence of diagnostic medical imaging and service to patients and referrers. We are located in Subiaco – the central medical district of Perth, Western Australia. In keeping with our commitment as members of a local community within a global society, our philosophy is “to first, do no harm”.

Medical imaging has a relatively large carbon footprint with all current forms of imaging, including ultrasound, MRI, X-ray, CT, or nuclear, requiring energy to produce the machines and then to create the medical images required to make a diagnosis.

We believe it is our responsibility to cancel any negative environmental impact involved in the production of our work.

Envision minimizes carbon emissions using 100% Greenpower, on a background of energy saving lighting, energy conservative fitout materials and by choosing low or no carbon businesses as our preferred suppliers. We are proud to be fully accredited as a “no carbon” producing company – as far as we know, the first medical imaging company in Australia to have this distinction.

Visit the Carbon Reduction Institute for more information.