Seven Years in Focus

Building-May-to-Sept-08-141After nearly 12 months in the planning, Envision opened its doors for business on 15 September 2008. The vision had become a reality! We started with a grand idea; managed to find an ideal location; gathered a team of highly skilled and dedicated people and set about creating a new standard in diagnostic imaging. Now seven years later the business continues to be a success.

The founders Lawrence Dembo, Bernard Koong and Conor Murray started with a vision to offer a sub specialised imaging service bringing together their expertise in oral maxillo facial, chest and cardiac imaging.

The formula was simple – best people, best place, best equipment and best service.The key specialty services are being accessed by patients from as far north as Broome and south toward Esperance, while the local community now has more choices for general imaging services such as x-rays and ultrasound.

We focus our efforts on providing exceptional service to both patients and referrers.

We pride ourselves on offering seamless electronic image delivery to reduce the carbon footprint of ‘out of date’ x-ray film! We are very proud to be the first fully carbon neutral medical imaging provider in Western Australia – which whilst creates some work in terms of reporting our emissions, we know is a step in the right direction.